• Corporate Sales

The Corporate Sales Program is designed for corporately-purchased and managed vehicles provided to an employee to conduct business or as an executive-level perk for a company’s top performers.


Let us help you take advantage of the following:


  • Higher-than-average residual values
  • Standard and optional features other manufacturers may not offer
  • Comprehensive safety engineering
  • Strong relationships with all major fleet management companies
  • Exceptional and responsive customer service


Eligible Customers
Business owners with a minimum of five vehicles under the business name or who purchase three or more Mercedes-Benz vehicles at once are eligible for the Corporate Sales Program.


Customers looking to participate in the Corporate Sales Program must register their vehicle in the name of the business enterprise. Other conditions may apply, please visit any Mercedes-Benz dealership for details.


Execuctive Car Allowance


Drive your success home.
The Executive Car Allowance Program is designed for professionals who receive a fixed monthly car allowance. This program recognizes individuals who are given the discretion to choose their business vehicle. Whether the vehicle is intended to conduct daily business or provided as a performance reward, there are a wide range of vehicles to choose from.


Eligible Customers
Individuals offered a fixed-monthly car allowance by their employer are eligible for the Executive Car Allowance Program for an opportunity to lease or finance a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.


Customers interested in the Executive Car Allowance Program must provide a pay stub or Signed Declaration Form from their HR Department upon sign up. Other conditions may apply, please visit your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership for details.


Preferred Suppliers


Driven by the driven.
This program rewards employees of approved suppliers with additional incentives on our remarkable vehicles. These supplier incentives are applied in addition to existing special offers, making them truly exceptional incentives to drive Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


Eligible Customers
To find out whether you’re eligible for the Preferred Suppliers Program please visit any Mercedes-Benz dealership for details.


You must be an approved supplier by Mercedes-Benz to take advantage of the Preferred Suppliers Program. Other conditions may apply, so please visit your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership details.


Professional Associations


Reward of the Driven.
The Professional Associations program rewards specific association members with extra incentives on our remarkable vehicles. These association incentives are applied in addition to existing special offers, making them truly exceptional incentives to association members.


Eligible Vehicles
Please visit your local dealer to determine if your association membership is eligible for the Professional Associations Program.


Conditions apply; please visit your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership for full qualification guidelines.


Predicated on Value: The Right Business Decision


Financial Value:
Strong fleet incentives, a diverse product range, competitive pricing, and high residual value for each vehicle class to satisfy executive needs.


Safety and Technology Value:
Technology and safety features, both standard and optional, are unlike any other fleet program.


Sales and Service Value:
Mercedes-Benz dealers are ready to assist major fleet management companies to ensure a seamless order-to-delivery experience for their employees and company executives.


Morale-boosting Value:
Employees will feel valued and recognized by their company’s efforts to put them behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz – the ultimate reward and incentive tool to create lasting retention and positive recruitment.

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