Mercedes-Benz Adaptive Braking Technology Explained

September 5th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz Adaptive Braking Technology

4 separate safety features optimized to make it easier for drivers to control their vehicle when dangerous driving or imminent collision is detected.

1. Predictive Brake Priming
Senses when a driver’s foot lifts off the accelerator suddenly and moves the brake pads closer to the wheels in to prepared for a quick response.

2. Automatic Brake Drying
Applies just enough brake pressure to sweep built-up water from the discs on rainy days

3. Hill-Start Assist
Helps keep the car from rolling back when you lift your foot off the brakes.

4. The brake HOLD feature
Allows you to take your foot off the brakes when sitting at a long light or in stopped traffic, after a firm extra push on the brakes.

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