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The Mercedes-Benz Etobicoke sales location at 1629 The Queensway has closed. The development will occupy the south-east corner of The Queensway and The East Mall. It is close to the intersection of Highway 427 and the Gardiner Expressway, near a range of existing automotive dealerships that include other luxury brands. Mercedes-Benz Etobicoke will be the main attraction among a growing selection of upscale brands in the area, the dealership will raise the neighbourhood’s profile and transform it into a true must-visit destination.


Development Highlights:

• Set to be the first AMG Brand Centre in Canada, drawing business from all over the GTA and beyond
• Benchmark customer service experience within and outside of the automotive sector
• 125 new jobs created in sales, administration, parts and service
• Approximately 400 additional jobs created indirectly (according to data from Statistics Canada)
• Design includes 22 electric vehicle chargers for use by customers, employees and inventory
• Good neighbours: luxury customers; co-located with other luxury brands; increases real and perceived value of neighbourhood


First in Canada, Second in the World:

Mercedes-Benz Canada’s newest construction project at 1629 The Queensway in Etobicoke, Ontario, will be the first New Retail Design Flagship building in North America. The complex will include Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Benz Vans showrooms, as well as a state-of-the-art express service centre.


HORIZON – A cutting-edge retail experience

Horizon, a new Mercedes-Benz Retail Experience initiative, marks the start of a new chapter in the company’s global retail presence. The company’s aim is to be an integrated mobility services provider that delivers a consistently high-quality brand experience across all products, services and sales channels. Within these new Horizon designed dealerships, a mix of architecture and advanced digital capabilities will come together to provide Mercedes-Benz customers with bespoke experiences that respond to their individual needs, and meet them on their own terms.


Next-Level Customer Experience

Mercedes-Benz Etobicoke will be offering a benchmark approach to customer-centric product and service delivery that will impact and inspire competition in automotive industry and beyond. This location will include shared offices, multi-use furniture and flexible spaces cater to individualized customer experiences and digital sensors and televisions in the dealership’s sales rooms that will pair with digital info to customize each space according to the nature of the interaction and the product being purchased.


AMG Experience Centre – The future of Driving Performance in Etobicoke

The new multi-level facility in Etobicoke is also set to be the first AMG Brand Centre in North America, bringing the power and performance of Affalterbach to the GTA.

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